NS Engineering Plastic is know for its production of Liner Bag And Masterbatch along with the team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals. Being conscious of rapid pace of development in plastics, this has been a sincere attempt to position ourselves to serve you better and faster without compromising on Quality and offering you our expertise in product development customized to your needs.

                     We Have Experience Of more then 10 years In manufacturing liner bag and masterbatch. We Have 7 Liner Plant Of 800mm ABA Machine, 1 Liner Plant Of 1250mm ABA Machine, 1 Cutting Siling Machine Of 1300mm, 6 Cutting Siling Machine Of 800mm And Also 2 Masterbatch Machine. By Using Our Infrastructure We Have 20 ton Production Capacity of Liner Bag And 3 Ton Production Capacity Of Masterbatch. We have a one sister firm named BK Polymers. Ns Engineering Plastic And BK Polymers Are working together for better product Quality .

                     We are conscious about the high quality standards we have set for ourself and henc Simplicity in excellence melancholy as remarkably discovered. "We are conscious about the high quality standards that includes choice of high quality raw materials, state of the art equipment and trained personnel.We use state of the art equipment to manufacture our products, with extra emphasis given to quality. As a result we offer a large number of benefits and value-added services to our customers. Our plastic items are engineered for uncompromising performance and long-lasting operation.┬áBy providing so many options, we can accommodate our customer's specific needs with unsurpassed quality , excellent customer service and solution for the benefit of our valuable customers."


Our Vision

To be the leader in the field of Liner Bag And Masterbatches through constant growth and innovation which will be achieved by putting every effort to ensure the growth of our customers.


Our Mission

To be the most technically advanced manufacturer of Liner Bag And Masterbatches ensuring the highest quality at the most economical prices. There will be a constant drive in us to continuously improve processes. Together, we will grow with the promise to be successful in all our future endeavors.



At NS Engineering Plastic We are conscious about the high quality standards we have set for ourselves and hence is given prime emphasis. We assure you to extract best results in testing, quality assurance and product development.We provide our customer with unsurpassed quality, excellent customer service, and solution oriented expertise, all for an exceptional value.